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Why Choose Us

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How We Can Serve You Best

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Professional Video Editors

We make sure that your video projects are edited professionally and quickly by our experienced team of video editors online. We recruit and hire only the top talents in the industry, so we can have them available for you, and ready to take care of all your videos editing need. Check Our Work


100 GB Cloud Storage

We know video files can take up a lot of space and that’s why we provide you with 100GB of cloud storage to upload and back-up your precious videos. Keep your files safe with our secure cloud option and don’t worry about ever losing them.


Amazing Turnaround Time

In our fast-paced digital world, it is crucial to quickly deliver engaging content for your viewers if you want to keep them hooked. And the aspect of video editing can eat a lot of precious time between the shooting and the actual upload. That’s why we deliver our edits back to you in max 48 hours.

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Speedy & Reliable Support

We love to see people happy and wowed by the end result of our work. That’s why we don’t stop from revising until you’re fully satisfied with your video project. Feel free to reach out to us with any question you might have as well. We’ll do our best to solve any challenge.


High Quality Videos

Due to our manpower and technological resources we are able to enhance the quality of your videos to crazy standards. Your video will look better than ever and will impress everyone who gets a chance to watch them.

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Free Stock Footage

Additional B-roll can polish any video with free awesome audio and video footage if you need any. On top of that, we also offer you the possibility for us to help you source paid stock audio or video as well.

How Online Video Editing Platform Works

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can avail our video editing services?

VidTrims is a one-stop Solution for all your online video editing needs who wants their video to be edited professionally.  Some of our clients include:- www video www video

Content Creators

  • Youtubers www video 
  • Gaming   video editor online
  • Online courses / Info Products Video
  • Product Reviews www video
  • Podcasts to Video
  • Vlogs  video editor online
  • Wedding Video


  • Interview  online video editing
  • Social Media Ads video editor online
  • Real Estate online video editing
  • Powerpoint to Video video editor online www video video editor online
What kind of online video editing service we can provide?

So, we do have a few limitations:

– The finished edit video can’t be longer than 20 minutes. (But you can purchase our Extended Duration package)

– We can’t record voiceovers video editor online video editor online

– We can’t provide complex 2D & 3D animations here

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What is the turnaround time for online video editing?

Our turnaround time for online video editing is 48 hours. And our revisions take 24 hours. video editor online video editor online www video online video editing  online video editing www video

Can we request 100 video to be edited in the VidTrims Unlimited Plan?

Yes, You get unlimited Video edited as our  video editors are super fast and responsive. The point to be noted is that our turnaround time is 48 hours and our revisions take 24 hours, so the final deliverables frequency  depends on number of video request and frequency of revisions. Above all, we can only work on one  video at a time. But feel free to upload 2,3,4 videos to us. We’ll create a queue and start video editing next once the first video is completed.

What tools do we use?

Our video editors are efficient in using multiple video editing softwares depends on the requirement of video. For now our video editors exclusively use FCP X, FCP 7, Adobe Premier Pro, Adobe After Effects to ensure delivering high quality videos.   www video video editor online. video editor online. video editor online www video online video editing

Are we available 7 Days a week?

We are working in the GMT +5.30 time zone (INDIA), Monday to Friday, 9AM TO 7PM.  online video editing video editor online 

Can you resize the video in different social media Platforms format?

Yes we can and positively we’re not charging for multiple social media formats. Normally, we edit the video in standard format 16:9 unless you specify during video request. But for other social media videos formats like Instagram, facebook, Twitter, this may take another 24hours for these different versions.

How do I get started with my first online video editing request?

Once you purchase our online video editing subscription, you will receive a confirmation mail with Invoice details. With 24 hours you will receive youy client login Id & Password, and Dropbox Storage link as per selected services plans. All you have to do is to login in your client-editor portal and you’ll be directed to fill the “Video Request Form” where you’ll be able to submit your first video request!

Beyond that, in the shared Dropbox Storage Link you’ll be able to submit videos raw footage, brand aesthetics such as logo, tagline, others, and can download the final videos on completion of video project from your account. You can also share your feedback into your account.

Your feedback is important to us! online video editing online video editing

How will we communicate to ensure the work gets done?

After payment, you have to login into our client–editor portal “Client Login” tab . There you just need to answer few questions about your brand and style of video. We will then match you with your editor and send you a confirmation mail of starting the project. You’re all set up and from on just…

1. Upload your raw footage videos into Dropbox.

2. Sign in into you “Client Login” Portal video editor online video edior www video www video online video editng

3. Complete your “Video Request Form” inside the Portal. Your dedicated Video Editor will take that card from there and you will see it going from different phases of editing, Assigned → In Progress → In Review → Approved → Completed.
As soon as our video editor is done with your videos, you will get an email from our system with a download link of  the edit video. There you can ask for any revisions you’d like.