When you speak of reaching your audiences, what else can you think about other than a creative video content. Be it for academics or for advertising campaigns, the videos have surely made a huge revolution in this market-driven industry.

However, with its creative content, it also has some challenges that you need to face. Right from the ideation to bringing it onscreen, it is quiet time consuming. Moreover, it also costs a lot.

The most time-consuming process is video editing. But you need not worry as we are here to help you. VidTrims will help ease out your job by providing you the best editors onboard. VidTrims is an Indian based video editing platform made by the best editors keeping in mind your needs and wants.

Today we share with you some reasons why you need to choose VidTrims for your video editing:

Made for all by Experts

When we say experts, we actually mean people from various backgrounds who are experienced in their fields who have contributed to the making of VidTrims.

Irrespective, of your needs VidTrims will surely understand your needs and deliver the best results possible so that your success is what we respect.

Dedicated Editors

Once you are done with your production work, the post production is the next step. Rather than running for editors and spending a lot of time, we at VidTrims are here to help you by providing a dedicated video editor. We believe and respect your time and work, so VidTrims will surely get your work done with the best possible time so that you are never late.

Unlimited Revisions

We at VidTrims believe that your work must always have the best finish. For this we provide the facility of revisions. With the best packages available on VidTrims, we can surely guarantee you that revisions are absolutely needed because no work can ever be complete at once. Last but not least, our happiness lies in your happiness.

Qualitative Graphics

One of the most important things that VidTrims believe is quality over quantity. We believe that qualitative work brings more eyeballs than quantitative. At VidTrims we can upgrade your content with a wide array of graphics and effects. You tell us what you want and just leave it to our editors, they will cast a magic to your work.


The technology has grown very advanced, so should be your content. People from varied background would be watching your content, so what they don’t understand it?

We at VidTrims provide you with the service of Subtitles. Although an additional service, we provide it to ensure that your clips are viewable anywhere at any time.


The packages at VidTrims is pocket-friendly. It is not just the package that is attractive rather the facilities that you are provided with. For single video edit you need to invest a nominal amount of $99 whereas for a monthly basis, you need to pay an amount of $499. To get the same piece of work that you would be spending a lump sum amount, rather why not sit in the house and let VidTrims do your work at ease.

Storage Facilities

Once your work is done, what do you need the most-a properstorage facility. A storage is something that you surely need to keep your file safe and healthy. Moreover, at VidTrims, we provide you with Cloud Storage. With cloud storage you can have access to your work from anywhere around the world. So, is there anything more than this you want?

Online Editing Platform

VidTrims, is the venture of Nuclear Communications and Technologies Pvt. LTD.-an Indian based company who has the option of giving you a platform for getting your videos ready through online communication. This a big plus point Moreover, everything and anything is done within the platform by a set of dedicated team members who believe in giving you the best quality results within the least possible time.

Support System

We love to see people happy and wowed by the end result of our work. That’s why we don’t stop from revising until you’re fully satisfied with your project. Feel free to reach out to us with any question you might have as well. We’ll do our best to solve any challenge. We at VidTrims are absolutely at your service.

A Platform for All

ViTrims is for everyone and anyone. VidTrims is made for everyone be it students, individual, working professionals, housewives, etc. With VidTrims, we can achieve an ample of opportunities and we wish to get connected with you all for the services.

See how VidTrims can help you with your work now. Check out our pricing plans! AndSign up!