Video Editing is one of the most lucrative fields in the current scenario. The filed has opened opportunities in variety of avenues. Many video editors have thronged in to put their best and make a huge impact in the media industry.

Video Editing although lucrative, might have certain setbacks. These setbacks have been experienced by both amateurs and experienced video editors. Moreover, one must understand that it is not just a knowledge rather the technical glitches that many might encounter while doing a video edit.

With the advent in technology, many might encounter few glitches. Now the most important thing to remember is that how to overcome the said problems so that you can have a smooth editing of your videos without much trouble.

We share some few tips so that we you can be tension-free while doing your work:

Computer Crash

The computer crash is one of the most common problems that many faces while doing a video editing. Right from the installing the program to rendering a video, at times many people face problems technically. Those problems faced might range from simple things like computer getting stuck, unable to run multiple programs at once and also the computer getting crash.

Point to Remember

Keeping the original video file in a separate folder is one of the best ideas that you can inculcate. Use the file copy to do all the editing. This is to ensure that if your video files get corrupted or lost you have a file as a backup.

Some ideas to Fix

Although you might face a lot of problems while video editing. But do not worry, just remember the points below and we can assure you that your PC will run absolutely smooth.

 1. Before you start your work check all your devices. Analyze whether your device is compatible with the program that you are uploading.

 2.Ensure that you focus at one work at a time. While doing a video editing, keep all your other applications shut. Also shut your internet when not required, so that there is no automatic updating that goes on without your consent.

3.Avoid adding too much special effects in your video so that you’re your PC is not over-worked. Moreover, simplicity gives more beauty to your work.

Glitches in Video Editing Software

Video editing is a fun job. But before you start your video editing, remember that there should be proper plug-ins available and that too from authenticated sources. If your plug-ins are not authenticated, you are running a high risk of contracting a bug for your computer.

Point to remember:

Keeping the original video file in a separate folder is one of the best ideas that you can inculcate. Use the file copy to do all the editing. This is to ensure that if your video files get corrupted or lost you have a file as a backup.

Some ideas to Fix

Before you get ready, remember that you must have proper plug-ins so that you don’t encounter any errors while doing your work. In case of any error, it is advisable to delete and reinstall the latest version available.

Video Quality: The Most Important Factor

Once you are into video editing, you might be shocked to see the quality of video after you edit. Some of them are pixelated images, blurry images and the video getting stuck while playing it.

At times even small changes like video formats might bring a huge impact that can hamper your work completely. Changes like frame rate, changing the colour encoding system, like NTSC format to PAL can impact the video quality overall.

Some ideas to Fix

Before you start in check in the video settings so that you are aware about it and in the same way, while doing the editing, you do not encounter any problems. Also, the quality of the video must have a homologous setting without disturbing the original format in terms of pixels, frame rate, HDV, video codec etc. This saves a lot of time.

Video Files getting Corrupt while Editing

Video files getting corrupt is the last thing that you would not like to encounter. Although, technical glitches are quite common you must remember some points that let you do smooth functioning.

Some ideas to Fix

To fix a corrupted video file chose an authenticated video repairing software from a trusted developer. It should resolve all your video corruption issues like errors occurring in the video frames, sound, header, movement of videos, and video slider. Hence it helps to have a smooth functioning for your work.

Audio-Video Mismatch

One of the most common problems faced by majority of the video editors is the fact that there is a vast difference between the audio and video that takes place while doing a Video Editing. Mostly the software that we use are well equipped to bring a sync to your audio-video. For many even professionals encounter the mis-match as and when required.

Some ideas to Fix

The best thing to do is to break up your videos into smaller portions so that you can avoid confusion. Moreover, as and when we break it up into smaller pieces, we allocate the proper audio where required.


Video Editing is not just a creative, rather a blend of creative with technical. At times the things we plan might not work due to the technical issues. Hence, there are two gems that you must remember. Be well planned and also be well equipped with the proper software for the work that we are going to execute. Remember time plays a crucial role and without the two given gems you might end up wasting a lot of time.