Videos have contributed heavily on business as they help get better conversion rates. As per reports almost more than 70% of business have given a better conversion rate

Videos have played a huge role in the content creation and marketing and now we see that videos have made a huge impact in the minds of the audience.

Blogs and Campaigns get a lot more interesting when you pack it up with a good number of videos. With emergence of various fields, we find that videos too have emerged in their own ways. Moreover, the videos have surely made a huge impact in the minds of the audience irrespective in the age, gender and occupations.

Now the question arises as too how can you make it more engaging?

The first move is to make a creative plan. The second is to understand the type of video you like to go on with. The last but not the least is to take your action!!

Now speaking on the types of videos, what we see is that be it for academic or for vlogs every avenue can be catered with a pack of videos which will keep your audience more engaged more and more.

Let’s, see what are the Types of Videos Content:


Vlogging is a great medium do share a daily journey because of how intimate it isand how easy it is to build a relationship with your audience. The best way to document your experiences in a video format. Very much popular with the travellers, we find that Vlogs have made a huge impact wherein people prefer to watch the journey of a person all in a video format. Doesn’t that sound interesting?


How about interviewing your favourite personality, be it a film star or a politician. Interview is rather not creative but also provides you the first hand information about the guests. By inviting them for an interview series, you can leverage their knowledge to create the best content for yourself. Moreover, in an interview there exists an audience interaction which helps make your content more creative.


Be it a formal meeting or some demo lectures, the webinars have served the audience to get in touch with each other without actually travelling to long distances saving time and energy. Also, webinars can also be a great piece of content to promote through paid traffic.


The presentations in schools, colleges and office are quite integral to our life. But howabout adding some flavour to it. That’s where videos come into play wherein people actually find it interesting to watch your presentation in a video format rather than a word format. A presentation takes the excitement of an event and combines it with the usefulness of a webinar to create a compelling and shareable narrative.


Events are the next big thing in the market. How about your favourite concerts, live shows, political rallies all live on screen? Don’t you think it is exciting? The event videos are one of the best ways to entertain your audience and keep them engaging in a way where you know that they always deserve the best. How about Ted Talks? When they can entertain your audience why not you?

Tutorial Videos

The tutorial videos have been quite revolutionary due to the fact that anything and everything that Is required is available on net. When a question pops up the first thing we do is to google (search) it out. Now what would you prefer, a video or a text. You would obviously prefer a video. The reason because it packs more information and is visually more appealing. Each and every avenue has solid opportunities.

BTS Videos

The BTS or behind the scenes is what happens behind the camera while a shooting of a film takes place. Don’t you think that is interesting to watch. Those things what are not captured for filming might be not crucial rather interesting to watch. You’re favourite actors, directors or even the action sequences that takes place.

Testimonial Videos

The testimonials are a statement taken by an audience, employee and even general audience regarding a subject. Testimonials can be the experience of people which mostly creates a positive impact in the minds of people who might be either customers, potential customers and may be just viewers. How else can testimonial be very useful?


Remember, Great content engages your audiences in the most appealing manner. VidTrims is one of the platforms whose aim is create an intrinsic for your product or service and also, we believe in giving our best performance for your content so it stands out the best.